Paranormal Tours

Explore this marvellous world of mystery in a country full of history, magic and traditions. Scotland country of mystery, legends and places marked by terrible events. A country which has been victim of assasinations, torture, executions, illnesses, witchcraft and battles which has left indescribable pain and blood on the country.

Scotland is a country of heroes and has a dark and lugubrious past where incredible stories and whispers and darkness surround its ancient and magnificent ruins and castles, dark and narrow roads and chilling abandoned or restored houses, immeasurable unexplained paranormal phenomena has occurred and still occurs today. Many witnesses of these types phenomena including apparitions have travelled far and wide in this beautiful country. On our paranormal tours we can enjoy terror filled tales of ghosts, witchcraft etc of the past and present of Scotland and sleep in places where famous ghosts have been, you can visit places, monuments etc where terrible things have happened and even today people hear and see extraordinary things. You can even enjoy a simple cup of tea, a good meal or a marvellous diner in a restaurant whilst you wonder is there a ghost at your side?

Forgotten mysteries tour

Remote places, hidden corners full of secrets, stories of ghosts and many other magical beings await you on this 8 day tour. Do you dare come?

History and legend tours

Experience with us 12 days full of mystery with our history and legend tour. Full of dreamlike places, ghosts, paranormal activity and much more. An unmissable tour.