Your wedding , one of the best days of your life.

Imagine your dream wedding in one of the most famous and beautiful castles in Scotland or at one of the most luxury hotels surrounded by the most fantastic and surprising scenery.

Live your fairytale.

Wedding it’s for all year, for more information about our different wedding celebrations, hotels, transport, services, places, etc please contact us.

All weddings both Scottish and Viking are legal and we you will be given all documentation legalizing the celebration.

Viking weddings

These Scottish Viking weddings are a true reflection of ancient Viking weddings, celebrated in the place where Vikings used to live. In beautiful countryside near the sea, magnificent waves and beautiful specialized clothing for the occasion. Elegant stone ruins, flowers and sacred fire and the blessings of the Viking Gods Odin, Thor, Freyr etc will […]

Bodas Escocesas

Scottish weddings

Scottish weddings are one of the most beautiful celebrations that exist, surrounded by the famous kilt in tartans of different colours, bagpipes with their magnificent music, incredible castles and unforgettable scenery full of tradition and romance. All this will make for one of the most desired wedding celebrations in the world and why millions of […]