Fantastic scenery, private reserves, 4X4`s, luxury hotels, deer, pidgeon, and grouse, as well as mixed hunting, all this and much more awaits you in Scotland. Come hunting with us and enjoy yourself.

Grouse hunting

The emblematic bird of one of the best Scottish whiskeys, surrounded by nature, fantastic monuments, high quality accommodation. If you like hunting this is the option for you.

Pheasant or partridge hunting

Wide valleys, surrounded by heather, pure nature and absolute tranquility come together with a rich local cuisine in this trip.

Roe deer hunting

Famous and incredible castles, ancient abbeys, stories of kings, unforgettable landscapes. Discover a unique and different Scotland.

Clay pidgeon shooting

Pidgeon shooting , Scottish Borders, forests and beautiful rivers, high quality hotels and cities with a rich and interesting history, all this and more awaits you on this fantastic trip.

Mixed hunting

4 star hotel, private estate, exclusivity, beautiful green forests and a hire car await you in Scotland.