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Laws applying to forums

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Resolution of the contract or cancellation

Article 159 Resolution or the contract for reasons attributable to the organizer or cancellation of the trip

I the event that the consumer and user elects to terminate the contract, pursuant to the provisions of section 2 of the previous article or the organizer cancels the package before the agreed departure date for any reason not attributable the consumer and the user shall be entitled from the moment the resolution of contract occurs to a refund of all amounts paid thereunder or to the realization of another package of equivalent or higher quality if the organizer can propose

In the event that the package is of inferior quality the organizer must reimburse the user the difference in price under the contract.

in any case the consumer and user may demand reimbursement of amounts already paid to laid down in Article 76. The counting of the timeframe in this case will start from the notification of consumer and user

2. The same right under the previous number will correspond to consumers and users who did not obtain confirmation of the reservation under the terms stipulated in the contract

3 in previous cases the organizer and the retailer will be responsible for paying the consumer and user imdeminizacion that if appropriate for breach of contract in any course may be less than 5 percent of the total tour price contracted whether that breach occurs between two months and fifteen days immediately preceding the expected date of commencement of the trip and 10 percent if it occurs within 48 hours prior to the departure.

4 No indemination is required in the following circumstances

a)When the cancellation is due to the number of persons enrolled for the package being less than required and thus communicated in writing to the consumer and user before the date fixed for the departure of the trip and indicated a minimum of 10 days in advance of the planned date of departure.

b) When the cancellation except in cases of overbooking is due to force majeure understood as those circumstances where the party pleads abnormal and unpredictable consequences would have been unavoidable despite having acted with due diligence.

Article 160 Resolution of the contract by the consumer and user.

At all times the consumer and user may rescind the services requested or contracted taking the repayment of the amounts they had paid but shall indemnify the organizer or retailer in the amounts indicated below unless such resolution occurs because force majeure.

a)The client will pay the cancellation costs and penalty at the 5 percent of the total amount of the trip if the cancellation occurs more than ten and less than fifteen days before the date of commencement of travel 15 percent between days 3 and 10 to 25 percent within forty -eight hours prior to departure .

Upon no show the customer is obligated to pay the total amount of the trip and other outstanding amounts unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

b) In the event that the package is subject to special economic conditions of employment such as chartering of ships or aircraft special rates cancellation charges shall be adopted in accordance with the agreement between the parties.

10. Modifications /cancellation by the traveler

The client has the right to a refund of the amount if communicating the cancellation in advance of the date of the trip and must compensate the agency for the items listed below: minimum expenditure 60 euros nof the trip price to pay for the costs incurred in the suppliers involved and are indicated in each cancellation section of the various trips . The client indicates his intention to cancel your reservation must formally notify by mail written with the utmost urgency and the repayment of the amount will be made only by bank transfer to a bank account whose ownership corresponds to customers a special 100% fee could be applied to the airline ticket. The general conditions of travel are always subject to particular conditions for each trip

In the case of a shared room is cancelled and we are unable to find a replacement ocupant for the aforementioned room a single suppliment will be added to your bill.

In case of no show or documented cancellation, late presentation or no documentation or ticket due to reasons beyond the agencies control and responsibility the customer must abandon the trip before the completion or due to unreasonable behaviour that affect the safety or welfare of other passengers the customer will assume the total loss of the amount of tour package.

(*) General conditions:

Each trip taking their particular conditions of cancellation into account with the customer may request and will be able to vary with each program and tour operator .For a minimum expense it sis possible to change trips with another traveller in the case that the trip has no flights included and you will be charged the minimum expenses. In travel with airline tickets 100% of flight costs once the ticket is issued regardless of the date of cancellation unless airline company itself cancels apply . No refund or reimbursement for the use of any service or sea air or terrestial transport or any meals included in a travel package applies when the cancellation is due to the customer.

In case of no show or documented cancellation, late presentation or no documentation or ticket due to reasons beyond the agencies control and responsibility the customer must abandon the trip before the completion or due to unreasonable behaviour that affect the safety or welfare of other passengers and invokes complaints and discomfort for the rest of the tour mean that the customer will assume the total loss of the amount of tour package.

The traveler who willfully fails to get on or get off before the end of the journey for subjective reasons such as dizziness, malaise, feeling overwhelmed, claustraphobias, disagreements with other participants fear or fear of , sea or weather conditions, lack of confidence in the crew and their contempt for authority or an allegation of breach of such rules or misleading advertising program who do not follow the route planned to meet certain animals etc should know that besides not be entitled to any type of full or partial refund must pay all expenses- incurred due to such behaviour.